Daydream - Michael Roe & Mark Harmon

2001 Fools of the World

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1. Sleepwalk (S. Farina/J. Farina/A. Farina)
2. Amber Waves (Harmon)
3. Sailing South from Mendocino (Harmon)
4. Spirits Flying Over Mt. Tamalpais (Roe)
5. Here's Another Secret (Harmon/Spencer/Roe)
6. Watching The Sun Rise In An Old Raincoat (Roe)
7. Dancing Out On The Moonlit Nile (Harmon)
8. Float Bop (Roe)
9. Blue Fields (Harmon)
10. Herald the Bud (Roe/Harmon)
11. Sleepwalk Slight Return

Produced by Michael Roe & Mark Harmon
Executive Producer: David Estes

Production Administration: Gary Oldenbrock
A&R Direction: Judith Volz & David Estes
Arranged by Michael Roe & Mark harmon

Recorded at Breadbox/Rocklin, CA. by Mark harmon
Mixed and Mastered at Audio Production Group/Orangevale, CA. by Ralph Stover
Art Direction: Michael Roe, Mark Harmon & Brian Heydn
Graphic Design & Photography: Brian Heydn

Michael Roe: Guitars
Mark Harmon: Basses, Keyboards, Percussion, Guitars