Kerosene Halo - Kerosene Halo

2011 Lo Fidelity Music

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1. Rice Paper Wings (T.S.Taylor / Daniel Amos)
2. Tonight Smiled At The Moon (P. Madeira / D. Daugherty)
3. Dimming of the Day (R. Thompson)
4. Hey, That's No Way To Say goodbye (L. Cohen)
5. The Outlaw (L. Norman)
6. Bad Sense of Direction (P. Madeira / S. Hindalong)
7. Grandpa's Skin (P. Madeira)
8. Bottom of the World (T. Waits)
9. And So It Goes (T.S. Taylor / Daniel Amos)

released 05 July 2011
Kerosene Halo is:
Derald Daugherty: Vocal, Guitar ( & )
Michael Roe: Vocal, Guitar, Banjo ( & )

Also Featurig:
Greg Kellogg: Pedal Steel, Dobro, Harp
Steve Hindalong: Percussion
Mark Harmon: Bass