Safe As Milk - Michael Roe

1995 Via Records

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1. Holy Day (M. Roe/B.B.Smith)
2. It's For You (M. Roe)
3. Sneakers (M. Roe/D. Leonhardt)
4. The Stellazine Prophecy (M. Roe/M. Harmon)
5. Hold Dearly To Me (M. Roe)
6. I Need God (M. Roe)
7. I Want Never Gets (M. Roe/M. Harmon)
8. Smile (M. Roe)
9. Go With God But Go (M. Roe)
10. You Leave Me Homeless (M. Roe)
11. Till Jesu Comes (M. Roe)
12. Ache Beautiful (M. Roe)

Produced by Michael Roe
except "Holy Day" produced by Bongo Bob Smith
Executive Producer: Stephen Murray

Recorded and Mixed by Guy Niosi and John Flannigan at Plaid Jacket/Fair Oaks, CA
Additional Recording by David Leonhardt at Mom's Sewing Room/Sacramento, CA
"Sneakers" recorded by Craig Long at Paradise/Sacramento, CA
"Holy Day" recorded by Studio Z/Sacramento, CA
"Sneakers" mixed by Steve Griffith at Mom's Sewing Room/Sacramento, CA
"Holy Day" mixed by Bongo Bob Smith at Studio Z/Sacramento, CA
Mastered by George Horn at Fantasy/Berkeley, CA

Cover Concept and Design by UNIDEA

Michael Roe: Kitchen Sink
Sam Pulcell: Pots and Pans

Also featuring:
Mark Harmon: Bass, electronic percussion, keyvoard ("I Want..."), Voice ("Ache")
David Leonhardt: guitar ("Sneakers")
Aaron Smith: Pound and Crash ("Sneakers")
Bongo Bob Smith: Ethnic & Orchestral percussion ("Harder Days"), Keyboard ("Holy Day")
Roger Smith: Keyboard ("Hold Dearly...," "I Need God")
Mike Butera: Sax ("Hold Dearly...")
John Flannifan: Keyboard & Guitar ("You Leave Me...," Special Effects ("Smile," "Stellazine")
Guy Niosi: Percussion ("Ache," "You Leave Me...," "Go With God") Voice ("Ache")