Say Your Prayers - Michael Roe

2002 Fools of the World

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1. The Itch Is Back
2. What Holds On
3. Sunshine Down
4. Sit In The Silence
5. 20 Years Gone
6. Lutheran Hymn
7. Say Your Prayers
8. Hobo Messiah

Produced by Michael Roe
Executive Producers: Steve & Veronica Johnson, Mike & Linda Rohlinger, Theo & Sharon Obrastoff
All Songs written by Michael Roe

Recorded by Michael Roe at Spray Bomb/Sacramento, CA.
Mixed by Ralph Stover at APG/Orangeville, CA.
Mastered by Scott Reams at LiquidDAW/Roseville, CA.

Art Direction by Michael Roe
Photography by Amanda Feavel
Michael Roe Photography by Chris Knight
Hair by Scot Clark/salon Bravissimo
Graphic Design by Brian Heydn
Reissue Layout by Eric Townsend

Michael Roe: Vocals and Guitars
Mark Harmon: Bass, Vocals and Banjo

Special Thanks: Devon Siobhan, Mark, JT, Steve, Phyllis and Cliff Day, Mom & Dad, Grandpa and many others.