Cornerstone 97 - Michael Roe

1999 Fools of the World

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1. The Boat Ashore
2. Billy Paul Said
3. Blue All Over
4. I Buried My Heart at bended Knee
5. Love Like Gold
6. Hone Run
7. Some Kind of Dream
8. The Stellazine Prophecy
9. Tum Tum Tum
10. I Want Never Gets
11. Flowers in the Sand

Produced by Steve Johnson
Recorded July 6, 1997 at the Cornerstone Festival in Bushnel, IL
Audio Restoration and mastering at Breadbox/Rocklin, CA by Michael Roe and Mark Harmon
Recorded by Andy Peterson with assistance by Mike Pobanz and Mike Styer

Art Direction and Design by Brian Heydn
Photography by Jonathan Feavel and Brian Heydn
Video by The Brothers Townsend (included on the 77s Video Collection DVD)

Safe As Milk is:
Michael Roe: Guitar/Lead Vocal
Mark Harmon: Bass/Backing Vocal
Bruce Spencer: Drums/Percussion/Backing vocal
Michael Gregory: Guitar
Carey Avery: Percussion
Scott Reams: Keyboard/Percussion

Please be advised that this is a non-professional 'field recording' and may exhibit distortions and other sonic anomalies. When listening, do it for love.

Special thanks to Devon, Cindy, Ana, Dylan, Bobby B. at SABIAN, mother, father and family.
Especially to our fans and their continued years of prayer and support.