The Boat Ashore - Michael Roe

1996 Innocent Media

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1. The Boat Ashore
2. Honey Run
3. Love Like Gold
4. Blue All Over
5. Some Kind of Dream
6. Billy Paul Said
7. Tum Tum Tum
8. I Buried My Heart At Bended Knee
9. Thanks A Million
10. Tall Trees

Produced by Michael Roe and Bruce Spencer
except "Tall Trees" produced by Michael Roe
Executive Producer: Joseph Taylor

Recorded by Ryen Froggatt at Spray Bomb/Sacramento, CA (Mom's Sewing Room on Wheels)
Additional Recording by Guy Niosi (Spray Bomb), John Flannigan (Plaid Jacket), Kirt Shearer & Craig Long (Paradise)
Mixed by Kirt and Craig at Paradise/Sacramento, CA
Mastered by Michael Romanowski at Rocket Labs/San Francisco, CA

Art Direction and Design by Mark Harmon
Front Cover by Darin Beaman
Photographu by Thom McKee
Back Cover photo by Norman Jean Roy

Michael Roe: Vocal, Guitar, Mandolin & Banjo
Mark Harmon: Bass
Bruce Spencer: Drums, Percussion and Keyboard

Also featuring:
Carey Avery: Percussion
Michael Gregory: Mandolin on "Blue All Over"