It's For you - Michael Roe

2000 Fools of the World

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Disc One

1. Mike's Ad For Himself
2. Smokescreen
3. MT
4. It's For You
5. Nobody's Fault But Mine
6. Cold Cold Night
7. King of the Road
8. Men Are So busy
9. Beyond the Sunset
10. Limelight
11. Mezzo
12. The Jig Is Up
13. For Crying Out Loud
14. UUUU
15. Snake
16. I Walk The Line

Disc Two

1. This Is The Way Love Is
2. Perfect Blues
3. Nuts For You
4. John Lee's Blues
5. Self Made Trap
6. Sneakers
7. Go With God But Go
8. Love Like Gold
9. I Need God
10. Eve of Destruction
11. The Lust, the Flesh, the Eyes and the Pride of Life
12. Do It For Love
13. Ache Beautiful
14. Smokescreen (Slight Return)
15. Goodnight Irene

Produced by Michael Roe

Recorded by David Leonhardt (Except where noted)
Post Production by Mark harmon at Breadbasket/Rocklin, CA
Mixing and Mastering by Ralph Stover at Audio Production Group/Orangevale, CA
Tape research by Amber Rocks
Art Direction and Design by Brian Heydn